Bring the Voice of the Customer into Your Boardroom with Video Capture

After two years of virtual get-togethers and Zoom meetings, consumers from all walks of life have become video chat experts. Nearly everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, giving them the ability to capture and share video with their friends, colleagues and the world. This has created major positive changes in how we bring the voice of the customer into the boardroom.

Video brings research data to life, allowing you to see and hear the respondents’ ideas in their own words. By integrating video capture into your research studies, you allow your target audience to genuinely share their stories, experiences and feelings about your brand. While this approach to market research may not have been feasible across all demographic groups in the past, now it can be used to represent most target audiences, giving you better, more robust data.

Bring research presentations to life

Capturing video from respondents not only enhances the insights you gain, it also adds video content to your team’s reports. Imagine your next research presentation. Instead of drilling down on a bunch of dull numbers and charts, you can have your customer virtually there in the room with you, telling their story and how they feel about your brand.

Video goes beyond the research results presentation, too. Live-stream video allows your team to be part of the research as it’s happening—from wherever they’re located. For qualitative research, this means they can join in and collaborate behind the scenes in real time.

Make research enjoyable for respondents, too

A hybrid research approach that incorporates video within a survey gives you results in your target audience’s language. This provides more precise responses. It’s also more fun for the respondent! Instead of typing out an answer to an open-ended question, the respondent can simply click a link and speak it out loud.

They can also show you their thoughts. Perhaps you want to learn about how customers interact with your website. Through video capture, respondents can demonstrate the user experience for you. They can show you what they like and don’t like, how they navigated the site to find what they were looking for and even their use of online chat and other features.

Get speedier results

Incorporating video can also produce great results faster than conducting research in multiple phases. In many situations, such as concept testing, research begins with a qualitative phase to gain in-depth understanding and explore concept options. This phase is followed by a quantitative study to gain statistically valid measures.

Capturing video from respondents allows you to get a similar level of in-depth understanding as part of a quantitative online survey. This effectively combines two research phases into one!

Understanding the way customers think and feel helps you predict how they will act. Capturing this information through video not only improves insight generation, it also deepens understanding of the customer throughout your organization. This creates a win-win-win: more effective marketing, greater customer satisfaction and stronger customer loyalty.

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