The Value of Digital Printing

Why choose digital print? Digital print has emerged into the industry as an advanced and exciting print solution. With its cost effective and speedy nature, it has become a popular and fast-growing technique in the print world. Digital printing is known for high quality print production, while still being able to maintain the same color from offset printing.

Extreme Personalization Yields Greater Results

Many organizations send out ask letters and donation solicitations which would not be as effective without variable data and digital printing. Variable data is the customization of image or text fields within a file and allows for personalization on individual pieces. This is especially ideal for direct mail campaigns and annual appeals with unique salutations or ask amounts. Asking for money is never easy, but if you want to improve your appeal results, try using variable data to add a more personal touch.

Companies are able to order variable items on demand because of digital printing and the use of ecommerce platforms, such as AlphaGraphics’ AG Online site. The site acts like Amazon where you can select the products and add them to your shopping cart. Clients can input employee contact information into a custom-built website and the files will be sent directly to print. Web-to-print platforms give businesses the ability to:

  • Protect brand standards

  • Manage quality and consistency

  • Speed up production and shipping

  • Select custom printing options

  • On-demand stationery and brand collateral

  • Maintain a database of digital files

Saving Time

Offset print is still very present in the industry, but digital print offers an alternative for customers who want to be both convenient printing and cost-saving. As opposed to offset printing, digital printing requires less set up, which saves time. This means that physical proofs are easier to produce digitally rather than on an offset press where metal plates must be created and ink needs to be mixed. Time for the ink to dry is also eliminated with digital printing whereas offset ink requires some time to avoid smudges.

With digital printing, images and documents are sent directly to the printer using a digital file. In addition to saving time, this also allows for last minute changes to easily be made to the file.

Cost Effective

Short runs are less expensive with digital printing because minimal setup is required during prepress and production. The cost for prepress and setup time is reduced and the cost for plate creation is eliminated by using digital files rather than metal plates.

Incredible Value

Whether you are producing a short run of event fliers or generating a direct mail piece with variable data, digital print can reduce overall cost and increase timeliness, while maintaining high quality and consistency. When it comes to quality printing services, digital print offers comparable photo and color printing. As mentioned, file changes can be made on the fly, making design options flexible.

If you have questions about the possibilities of digital printing, the experts at AlphaGraphics in the Cultural District have all of the answers. Dive into the digital world and see what it can do for you!

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