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AlphaGraphics Pittsburgh specializes in bespoke print and marketing solutions that suit businesses large and small. With everything from building signage to website design taken care of by our dedicated team, your business can stand out from the crowd with specially designed and detailed personalized marketing and communications materials. 

With custom booklet printing, AlphaGraphics Pittsburgh can help you provide quality, informative content directly into the hands of your customers or clients. 

Brochures and Booklets

If your business needs to provide detailed information that is more than a brochure, but less than a manual, then the booklet might be the best bet. 

Booklets are usually used to provide detailed information about a particular subject, combining graphics, information, and directions in an easily-digestible format that customers will love. 

The best brochures are visually appealing, match the brand identity of your business, and contain useful instructions or information - all in a simple and easy-to-read package. 

Brochures can be as simple as a visual guide to a real estate property for sale, a program book for an event, or a guidebook for new employee onboarding. They can be highly detailed descriptions of how to use a specific product or service or directions for the perfect cocktail. 

Whatever you want to have inside your brochure or booklet, AlphaGraphics can help with design and printing services customized for you and your business. 

Do You Know What You Want?

Although our knowledgeable team is here to help every step of the way, you might already have all the branding, design, and content ideas ready to go - and that is just perfect. We can provide printing services simply and easily. 

Before you send us your designs, take some time to think about the following to make sure that you know exactly what you want from your custom booklet printing service:

  • Purpose: What is this booklet for, and who needs to read it? Why is a booklet the best option? How are you going to get it to your customers?

  • How will it fold?: The spacing and placing of graphics and content will need to follow the folds of the booklet in a way that makes sense. 

  • Consider fonts: If you have a font associated with your brand, you will need to use this in all your collateral. Make sure the font is included in the information you share with us. 

  • Graphics: Have you got the right imagery? Do you need to source new pictures? Do you need tables or graphs?

  • Paper: What type of paper weight and feel are you looking for? The right paper can make or break the overall style, look, and feel of the booklet.

  • Design: How will the booklet look overall? Don't forget to take into consideration things like white space, eye-catching copy, and the right layout for a great-looking marketing piece. 

Need Some Help?

If you know you want to create a booklet for a specific purpose, but you need some help with your branding and identity as well as the booklet design, then the AlphaGraphics Pittsburgh team is here to help.

Our Branding and Identity services are designed to help you concentrate your business, your message, and your values in a simple and straightforward way, communicating who you are and what you do to your customers. 

The look and feel of your brand should immediately tell your customers that you are authoritative, knowledgeable, and reliable, gaining trust and respect immediately. Your branding should demonstrate your long-term success - and this is why good brand identity is critical to success. If you think of any well-known brand, from Apple to Nike, you know what they are about, and what they stand for because they have a strong brand identity. 

Through working with the Brand and Identity team, you can collaborate with marketing experts who know the best ways to tell your story and attract the right customers, with a clear and consistent brand that works across all your marketing collateral - including custom booklet printing. 

Every step of your creative process will be taken under the specific guidance and mentorship of highly trained and skilled designers, to create a brand that you can be proud of (and a booklet design that your customers will love).

Create Your Perfect Booklets

The process of creating your booklets starts and ends with you and what you need. 

You can bring or send us a copy of the booklet you want to print, and then you can choose your bespoke options. 

We offer many different paper options, with weight, style, and color choices that will bring your branding to life. 

Our binding options include:

  • Perfect binding: Using an adhesive, similar to books, for a clean finish

  • Saddle stitch: Nesting several sheets together and stitching 

  • Coil: Also known as spiral binding, this is the binding that you will most often find on your notepaper.

All brochures can be available in black and white or full color, and with digital printing, everything will come out exactly as we envision it - right down to the last detail. 

We can work with you to determine the right formatting, the best paper, whether you want different paper stock for the covers and the internal pages, and what size would work best with your content. 

This service is not limited to businesses who are creating print runs in the hundreds or thousands - we are proud to be flexible on run quantities to support smaller businesses, too. 

Why not challenge our team to help you streamline the marketing collateral, building signage, exhibits, displays, and promotional material as well as your booklet - really bringing home your brand identity and ensuring that you are maintaining a clear and concise voice in every contact that you have with your customers? Our team can even provide creative services like copywriting, SEO and SEM content, and even social media, website design, and digital advertising - so everything you need to tell your story can happen with our design and printing services. 

If you are ready for the perfect custom booklet - and the most appropriate booklet design, then contact AlphaGraphics Pittsburgh today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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