How Custom Envelope Printing Can Boost Your Open Rates

In the past year alone, approximately 130 billion individual letters were sent to American homes across the country.

Have you ever received a piece of mail from an organization you've never heard of? Maybe receiving that letter made you a little more curious about the organization. Or maybe you weren't, and you tossed it out unopened.

Let's now imagine that letter had an impressive custom envelope design. How likely would it be that you then opened the letter and chose to donate money, sign up for a class, or buy a product from them?

There are several additional benefits involved with custom envelope printing that it pays to bear in mind, which is why we've outlined several below.

What is Custom Envelope Printing?

Before we outline the many benefits of custom envelop printing and personalized mail, you need to understand what it entails.

You've likely seen custom envelopes before. They're the ones with the company logo or slogan printed on the front, and they stand out from the rest of your mail because they look more professional and well-put-together.

Custom envelope printing is the process that makes these envelopes a reality. An experienced printing company can work with you to create your company's printed design for your business envelopes.

This doesn't just mean adding a logo or a slogan. It can also mean drastic changes to the color or the envelope size itself.

If you're engaging in direct mail marketing, then custom envelopes can be the strategy you need to set your company apart. These envelopes come with many significant benefits that can transform your overall open rates.

What are open rates? Simple, this is the number of people actually opening your mail - which is why we need this rate to be as high as possible.

Make Your Direct Mail Campaigns More Eye-Catching

As we mentioned above, Americans send over 130 billion letters every year. If you're trying to market your company through direct mail, it's of paramount importance that you stand out.

That means attracting new customers with eye-catching designs.

With custom envelope designs, you can make your envelopes stand out. These are the first items your potential customers will see when you've sent them mail.

No matter how impressive the contents of your letter are, if you're sending them in regular envelopes, they can easily be abandoned.

By changing the color of your envelopes, you can immediately differentiate them from traditional mail. This not only makes them eye-catching, but it also makes them feel more unique.

This can then in turn boost your open rates, as your receivers will want to know more about who sent this particular envelope.

You Can Use Custom Envelope Printing to Advertise Further

With direct mail marketing, the contents of your letters are always the most important. But custom envelope printing can add an extra layer to your marketing plan.

You can write slogans or your logo directly on the envelopes themselves. With some savvy marketing, you can combine the concept of opening the envelope with your copywriting on the inside.

This creates an interactive form of marketing, as your receiver will actively need to open the envelope. Interactivity is a proven marketing tactic to encourage brand awareness in today's business climate.

Ultimately, custom envelope printing is a great way to advertise your brand, product, or service. It can be a smart way of leaving a lasting impression on potential customers.

But, that's only if you take advantage of the opportunities offered by custom envelope printing. Don't settle for anything standard. Make sure you consider what design would work best for your particular company and your customers.

Envelope Printing Can Be an Affordable Marketing Strategy

You might think that custom envelope printing is expensive, but it's very affordable. In fact, it's one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available.

If you're planning on mailing out a lot of letters, then custom envelope printing can help you save money by printing in bulk.

You just need to create a single design or idea for your envelopes, and this can then be replicated.

This makes it a particularly desirable strategy for small businesses. You can add a personal touch to your marketing materials, without breaking the bank.

Use Unique Envelopes to Build Your Brand Identity

Finally, custom envelopes or custom postcards can be a great way of building your brand identity. By creating a custom envelope design, you're able to make your brand more recognizable and memorable as we've noted above.

But the great thing about custom designs is the ability to pair this approach with your brand. You can match your designs with your company's designated color scheme.

Or, you can print significant copy that reflects what your brand means to your customers. By combining your brand identity with your envelopes, you can start appealing directly to your customers.

Think of custom envelope printing as a way of using every resource available to you. If you're sending letters you need envelopes - why not make those envelopes a key part of your strategy.

Once you've started using custom printed envelopes, you'll likely never look back.

Where Can I Find Out More About Envelope Printing?

You should now know what both custom envelope printing and open rates are. You should also know how these envelopes can be used to boost those open rates in your next direct mail campaign.

But first, you'll need to work with a marketing and print company that knows what they're talking about. Our team is experienced in providing custom envelope printing of all sizes.

To learn more about what we can offer your business, make sure to review our custom envelope printing options. Or if you have any questions, make sure to contact our team directly.

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