The Power of Signage to Your Brand

What is the purpose of a sign? To bring in new customers? To display your brand? To show potential clients where you are located? A sign is a multipurpose tool to help build your brand and bring in business.

Consistency is key. When using signage for branding, it is important that your signage corresponds with other company assets including your logo and colors. This helps to make your brand more recognizable. Decreasing the time that it takes for someone to recognize your brand increases the impact that it will have.

If you are creating a new brand, determining your target audience should be one of your first steps. Understanding whom you are trying to reach is critical in knowing how your signage design is going to look. You may use large, bold font for a retirement home cafeteria sign and use bright colors and more images to advertise a college fundraiser. Connecting with your target audience is essential to build trust and gain business.

Factors for Eye-Catching Displays

When trying to draw attention to your company, outdoor and exterior signage are your largest contributors. Signage helps to bring people into a store by advertising products or catching their eye. Some important factors for getting your displays noticed are font size, color, and visibility.

  • Font: The combination of typeface and font size is key in readability. If someone cannot read your sign, they will move on.

  • Color: Bold colors attract people passing by.

  • Visibility: Make sure that your sign is visible from multiple angles and distances.

  • Materials: Dimensional or illuminated signs can be useful to grab people’s attention.

Types of Signage

There are endless possibilities for signs to make sure people feel welcomed into your brand. Different types of signage in multiple places are a key way of helping with overall experience:

  • Wall graphics help to create a comfortable environment while showing who you are.

  • Digital displays are perfect for rotating messaging with videos or just utilizing lighting to stand out.

  • Floor graphics can be used as way finding signage or to elaborate on branding.

  • Hanging signs are a good way to give direction or for product offerings.

When decorating your office, consider your surfaces and how to best use them. Also think about creating unique signs by utilizing different surfaces such as wood, glass, and metal. Another type of exterior signage is window graphics. These decals can be used to decorate your windows, advertise your brand, or add privacy to the building. Whatever you can think of for your space, there is a large format printing solution for it!

An office should be an enjoyable and comfortable environment for employees who see the space daily. It should be an area that employees are proud to show off. Office signage is also a good way to display company values.

Signs come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for a variety of reasons. Plan ahead by thinking of your target audience and how to best reach them and remember that signage is as good of an advertising tool as social media or marketing collateral. Make your brand recognizable and your office stand out by using signage!

For your next event, office redesign, or sign printing needs, consider custom signage options from AlphaGraphics in the Cultural District. From start to finish, we can make your display dreams a reality.

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