Using Multi-Channel Marketing to Enhance Your Message

Your audience and customer base could be anywhere, at any time. So how do you reach as many of them as you can? Rather than using just one approach at a time, multi-channel marketing is the practice of using several direct and indirect channels for your message or overall brand awareness.

Multi-channel marketing isn’t just a buzzword for your creative team. In today’s marketing era, using multiple outlets for integrated communications is almost an essential strategy for getting campaigns off the ground. There are many channels a business can take advantage of in order to reach potential customers. Some examples:

Why is multi-channel marketing important to you?

“Less is more” is not the idea when it comes to this strategy. Using combinations of different channels means greater visibility of your brand or message. In a given customer journey, it can take anywhere from 7-12 touches to covert a sales-ready lead. That means it’s going to take more than just an attractive email.

With multi-channel marketing, the conversion of customers can be easier to track by using unique URLs and IP address targeting. You can understand when and how your customers are looking at information, and what they look at the most. It prepares you for future campaign strategies and, in the long term, makes your spending on digital marketing more efficient.

Altogether, you’ll be creating an integrated strategy while creating a unique audience experience. Reaching your goals is more likely to happen this way than with a one-dimensional approach.

What can hold multi-channel marketing back?

Once you have what you want to get to people, you have to figure out how to get it to them. Good planning with strategy and content are necessary for multi-channel marketing to work. A sturdy message to move forward, strong creative work, smart media buying, and a solid publishing timeline are just some of the moving parts involved in the next steps. Knowing your audience is also important, so data collection may be a major prerequisite for your entire campaign.

Custom marketing plans are ideal for a fantastic user experience, but only when done correctly. Factors that can disrupt a campaign are lackluster design, an inconsistent message, and poor analytics. Avoiding mistakes like those allow you to make the most of your advertising dollars and talent, and connect with the best possible audience.

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