7 Benefits of Web-to-Print (W2P) for Your Business

Does your business require marketing materials or other branded products? If so, are you utilizing a web-to-print platform to streamline processes and increase efficiency? If you’re not, you might be missing out!

Any company should want to explore opportunities that can save them time and money. A good example of one of these opportunities is a web-to-print portal. These online ordering systems work to automate the ordering of products while saving time and money.

Benefits of Web-To-Print

Emerging technology and resources have given companies the ability to increase productivity and timeliness when ordering necessary print materials. Your company should be taking advantage of all that custom print storefronts have to offer.

  • Convenient and easy ordering – Anyone with access to the internet can easily place orders. This is ideal for companies with multiple locations, employees who work remotely, or anyone on the go.

  • Preservation of digital files and order history – AlphaGraphics stores digital files and order history for easy reordering.

  • Digital downloads – Some companies elect to have digital files of products or logos available for download on their sites. This is a way to ensure that all employees are utilizing the correct and most up-to-date versions.

  • Maintain quality and consistency – Repetitive orders allow the printer to keep benchmarks of products to ensure the same quality is produced every time. This reduces mistakes involved with ordering products.

  • Personalization – Users can manually enter employee contact information on business cards or other variable products.

  • Quick turnaround – Users can receive an automatic PDF proof of their order to expedite the approval process. If requested, companies can set up an internal “approving user” to approve, edit, or reject any orders that come through. Online orders are almost fully automated and require minimal assistance.

  • Cost Effective – Standard pricing can be set up to ensure that you always receive the same price for your products. Companies save money by ordering online due to the minimal time that is required using automation.

How Portals Are Created

The experts at AlphaGraphics constantly create professional print solutions for clients on our AG Online platform. The portals are created by ecommerce gurus in combination with the client’s requests and needs. Companies have the option to add as many or as few products as they would like with a single user or multiple users.


No more sorting through paperwork or old emails to find out when you last ordered business cards. A W2P can greatly simplify your ordering process.

Contact AlphaGraphics to learn about setting up a custom-printing portal that is right for your company. A website can be custom-tailored to meet your company’s needs. Bring simplicity into your life by streamlining your product ordering process with ease.

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