Preparing Your Marketing Strategy

There is no one size fits all strategy for a company, but the basic framework of any plan includes objectives, timelines, budgets, and actions.

Here are a few basic questions to ask yourself before planning:

  • What are your overall goals?

  • What customers are you looking to target or acquire?

  • What does your sales process currently look like?

  • What channels are you currently using, and which ones are effective?

Your Homework

First thing’s first. To get your marketing strategy ready, you are going to want to do some research. There are a lot of types of marketing out there, so finding a unique communication plan for your company is going to take preparation.

One of the most basic but essential assessments of your communications can be a SWOT analysis. This means looking at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. When thinking through what your marketing strategy steps will look like, you will either want to focus on your current strengths or emphasize weaknesses you would like to turn into improved aspects of your business.

The SWOT analysis is tried and true, but tackling a full detailed report of your marketing and presence is where an expert’s eye will help. Reach out to the AlphaGraphics team to dive into your marketing needs.

We all want to be the best of the best, but nothing worth doing is done without competition. When analyzing your company’s communication plan, it might actually benefit you more to see what everyone else is doing. The point of this is not to copy and paste content, it’s to see what you can do to better and differently.

Your Time to Shine

When you’re looking at your marketing strategy, exposure of your business can feel like spreading out investments. Choosing your channels and content depends on whom you are reaching. Most audiences find image-heavy content appealing and that can take time to do correctly.

As you navigate your next move, remember some of the usual culprits that can set your plans back: inconsistency, failing to innovate, ignoring the competition, and not having a follow-up strategy. Keeping these factors top of mind can help to avoid any issues along your marketing journey.

Finally, your plan needs reviewed before, during, and especially after deployment. Diligent campaign management also means tracking campaign results. While tracking results at the end of campaigns or quarters feels like common sense, you should absolutely check on what is or isn’t working along the way to tweak or change course if necessary.

Being agile is key. You can decide is re-targeting is in order or if your digital marketing needs adjusted. AlphaGraphics in the Cultural District are experts in integrated strategy solutions custom to your needs while also providing essential data tracking on ROI.

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